Moments Market — launch phase

We are excited to announce several things in this update.

Moments Market v2

Moments Market v2 is almost ready to launch!

The Moments Market platform as we launched just over 6 months ago was a beta platform designed to stress test and enhance the user experience so that a brand new, customised platform could be developed and release.

  1. Hire — more substantial requirements that required the expertise and time of one individual. This could be a website redesign, logo creation, coding etc.
New look

TRBO swap — new chain

We announced about a month ago that we planned to swap TRBO to a new token based chain, at the time primarily due to the burden a coin wallet places on development time and costs. Keeping up with developments from the likes of Pivx (from which TRBO was developed) just isn’t feasible for the majority of projects.

  1. BSC is also not something we are overly familiar with, meaning we would need to hire a third party developer to assist with the chain creation but also integration and ongoing developments. The risks associated with introducing a third party are large and our initial searches did not identify the ideal candidate.
  2. The world of BSC ( and ETH ) is also something our users are clearly not very familiar with either. A mini poll showed that most have never created an LP position, nor probably even used BSC/ETH/FTM etc.
  3. And finally, to maintain the ability for TRBO to provide rewards for holding/staking, we would need to introduce the idea of a Liquidity Farm and provide liquidity that could be staked against. Again something that is not core to our mission.
SCP — StakeCubeProtocol

TRBO swap — new name

Given the upcoming swap we are also taking the opportunity to further align to our core project goals, which is Moments Market. We inherited the TRBO ticker and evolved the original project name to make it more contemporary (TurboStake>TRBO), but it didn’t really ever fit with our use case.

TRBO swap — new supply

Alongside the chain swap and name/ticker change we also spent some time reviewing the tokenomics/supply of TRBO and identifying what we wanted that to look like post-swap.

  • Max supply moves from 10,000,000,000 (10 billion) to 10,000,000 (10 million)
  • It also gives MMT some tangible value for users of Moments Market. With supply in the billions it is hard to think of 1 coin as having any value, whereas the switch would make MMT currently worth ~$0.10. That means 10 MMT = $1, 100 MMT = $10, etc. Much easier to grasp than 10,000=$1.

TRBO swap — new tokenomics

As mentioned earlier, SCP-2 allows for a “POS-style” staking incentive. After the tokens have aged a minimum time (tbc but likely ~1hr), they will start to earn at a specified rate. To keep things simple we have allocated approximately 1,000,000 (1million) MMT per year to staking rewards. The rewards % will therefore depend on how many MMT are staked, with 20% APR the lowest value if all stake initially.

MMT — future developments

One key thing we would like to introduce through MMT is a move to governance by the community. A way for MMT holders to submit and vote on proposals that further the project overall.

Next steps?

Lots more info to come including swap details, Moments Market launch details, which coins will be listed upon launch, etc. Start to take notice of Moments as there is a lot to come in a short space of time!

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